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Does Your Brand Fall Short?

Think of a time when you were disappointed as a child. Funny, but those memories are just hard to lose. Most likely it was simply a matter of expectations not being met and whether it was a big deal or not, the fact is, You Remember! It's easy to make brand promises, but when your brand fails to deliver on its value proposition, you risk a potentially brand-killing problem...
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Do You Convert?

Sure, search engine ranking is important and steadily increasing traffic is great, but all the eyballs and click-throughs don't mean anything if you can't convert your web traffic into leads, sales, or other online goals.
4 Key Steps To Online Traffic Conversion:
  - Use a clear and concise layout for easier navigation
  - Create a powerful Lead-Generating magnet (a Freebie!)
  - Make sure your opt-in form is simple and above the fold
  - Develop the relationship with follow-up marketing

Lifetime Value Inflation

LTV Inflation - The Social Factor

For some time now, Marketers have been aware of the importance of Lifetime Value - The potential revenue generated not just from one purchase or transaction, but the cumulative impact of that client's purchases throughout their lifecycle as a customer. It's a key driving force behind customer retention and client loyalty programs but with the advent and explosion of social media, Lifetime Value takes on an entirely more significant role.

Ted Curtin Ironman

Set Goals... Set 'em High!

Have you've ever dreamed Really BIG? Does stepping way outside your comfort zone scare you? Have you ever wondered just how far you could push yourself? This was supposed to be a story about a goal, but in the end, it's really all about the journey. Come on in and read about My Ironman Journey. It may very well inspire you on a journey of your own. (opens as a PDF File)


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