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Convert Hard-Earned Web Traffic

By Ted Curtin

Traffic is Just the Beginning

So, you’ve done the hard work - from smart SEO strategies built into your web design and content to relevant links and social media funneling. You have your web analytics in place and traffic is up.

Now What?

The fact is, all the hard-earned web traffic in the world is meaningless until you can effectively convert those visitors into customers, leads into subscribers, or guests into members. Whatever your goal, don’t forget, in the end, Conversion Is King.

These 4 important considerations will help elevate you to conversion royalty. The good news is these steps are relatively easy.

  • - Clear and Concise Think of your landing page as a foreign land – well it is to a new visitor. If your landing page is cluttered and lacks flow, how is a new person supposed to find their way before they lose interest? Don’t greet visitors with information overload. Keep your goal in mind. Once there’s a connection, then they’ll have an opportunity to learn more.
  • - Make it Simple No Jargon - Ted Curtin Your primary action point needs to be easy to find. Make sure it’s bold and above the fold. Capture as little information as possible, at first. You can always get more later, and the less requirements upfront, the less threatening the commitment will seem to the visitor. Just the same, use friendly welcoming language. Avoid negative words like “submit” and by all means, avoid insider Jargon!
  • - Bait the Hook Don’t expect your visitors to fill out a form or subscribe to a list just because it’s there. Give something to get something. Free, useful and relevant information works as a great hook for subscriber goals. Bonus offers or percentage off incentives work well for e-commerce engagement – beyond just the transactional sale.
  • - Follow Through Finally, remember the end goal of any conversion is to build a relationship with your prospect or customer. Engage your client list with meaningful follow-up efforts. Don’t abuse the connection or lose sight of the continual need to provide value and you’ll enjoy the full rewards of your hard earned traffic.

Traffic is easy to measure. It’s validation for your hard earned marketing programs and lead generation efforts. But don’t forget, it’s only the start!

Let Ted Curtin inspire your marketing efforts and help your company realize your brand's full potential, more fully engage your clients, and increase your profitablility. Ted Curtin is available for Speaking and Corporate Training opportunities through i-Marketing Services, Inc.

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