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Your QR Code is Hurting Your Brand

By Ted Curtin

QR Codes - Ted CurtinNot because it’s Ugly.  Not because it takes up too much space.  No, it’s not even because your potentially interested customer had to pull over, stop her car, and get out her phone to figure out which app to start, wait for her camera to focus and acquire the image. It’s what happened afterwards that really gives your brand a bad rap.

Did you really think it would be more fun than just typing in your URL? Don’t you think you could have provided something more than a landing page replicating your website with a “mobile” version?

Maybe we need to ask ourselves, “What was the reason for that code in the first place?”  Did management want a code – just because the competition had one on their ad?  Was there any thought put into what stage of the purchase cycle or customer journey was someone more likely to come across and access this code? Did we have a plan as to how this point of access could provide some additional value, increased contextual meaning or at least some unique content?

Without an enhanced value proposition, that QR code you just had to have isn’t just a wasted opportunity, it’s a permanent reminder of your brand’s lack of ability to connect in a meaningful and useful way.  It screams failure and that doesn’t seem like something you want your brand to stand for.

Come on people!  This isn’t hard.  Let’s consider situational context, environmental factors – oh yeah, and what your goals are.  Then we can start providing value and meaning to the customer experience when they activate a QR code. Something that will make them want to click on a code the next time they see one in context with your brand – or they won’t.

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